Island Temperature Controls Ltd. is committed to providing the highest service standards possible. Our highly skilled technicians are available 24 hours a day to provide technical expertise and mechanical systems service. Many service requirements can even be rectified remotely, reducing your down time and service costs. As our technicians are cross-trained, we are able to expedite control system or mechanical system repairs efficiently. Each staff member is equipped with a fully stocked, up-to-date service vehicle.

We install industry-leading hardware and software from Canadian-owned Delta Controls. Delta’s modular controllers allow for a scalable, configurable controls solution for a wide range of HVAC configurations. Coupled with advanced enteliWEB energy management software, custom dashboards and powerful analytics tools, efficient building management is at your fingertips. ITC is fully trained and versed in the Delta product line, and offers comprehensive design and implementation services for any level of project. ITC is proud to be a Delta Controls partner. Delta Controls has over 300 partners operating in 80 countries, and has been manufacturing industry-leading BAS solutions in Surrey, BC for 3 decades. Our team of Field Technicians and Controls Engineers have undergone extensive Delta factory training, maintaining fluency in the latest Delta product offerings while continuing to support legacy solutions for our customers. ITC Controls Engineers have familiarity with a vast array of sensors and components, and are able to specify and implement the most suitable product for any application. Whether the requirement is a pneumatic controls retrofit or a new construction solution, our broad skills and training ensure seamless integration for a highly successful implementation.
Delta control solutions are scalable and integrated through the industry-leading BACnet protocol standard. As the system grows or changes, the control system is ready to evolve with it. Unlike many products on the market, all Delta products are fully BACnet compliant at no additional cost. Native BACnet means that the database objects in the controller can be seen by other BACnet systems, and data can be exchanged between other BACnet devices without the need for a gateway. Delta’s hardware is easily added into other vendors’ BACnet architectures since they have implemented many of the BACnet standards optional properties and have rendered them writeable.
enteliWEB is a Web-based, native BACnet® application that combines the power of enterprise dashboards with easy-to-use facility management tools. Customizable energy management dashboards and powerful energy reports give managers the tools to reduce consumption and lower costs. Task-driven alarm management and system dashboards allow operators to quickly visualize and prioritize their work, keeping the facility running comfortably and efficiently. CopperTree gathers data from the BAS, storing it in secure cloud servers. It then analyzes your building’s data continuously, highlighting anomalies and identifying inefficiencies. enteliWEB and CopperTree’s analytics software seamlessly integrate into one complete application, allowing you to see energy trends, diagnose system faults and take corrective action.
Site graphics are created using a combination of drawing tools and Delta’s unique palette library of ready-made, drag and drop control graphics. Illustrator consists of a graphic window, the Object Palette and the Drawing toolbar. The graphical interface links controller objects to site graphics and provides control and interaction with these objects via live data displays and command graphics. As-built CAD drawings are incorporated into the graphics package and overlayed with live data to provide an operator with an accurate, at-a-glance perspective on zone temperatures throughout the building.

We recognize the relevance of conventional control systems in the current marketplace, and are committed to helping our customers maintain their investments at the highest level. We stock a range of pneumatic fittings and components to service nearly any pneumatic system on short notice.

A functional and reliable air conditioning system is essential to maintaining occupant comfort during warm weather. ITC technicians recognize this importance, regularly resolving system issues and performing complex repairs on equipment of all sizes.

From basic split systems to commercial zoned variable refrigerant flow technology to water-source ocean loop designs, ITC technicians have heat pump technology covered. We have invested in the latest factory training programs with leading manufacturers including Multistack, ArcticChill, Carrier and Trane.

Ventilation is a key factor in maintaining building air quality standards, as well as ensuring the safety and comfort of occupants. Customers trust ITC technicians to investigate and resolve airflow issues in schools, hospitals, commercial buildings and industrial environments.

The automotive industry, commercial workshops and even dental care offices require unhindered access to compressed air. ITC technicians are highly competent at repair, overhaul and replacement of compressor pumps, motors, air driers, pressure regulators and accessories.

In addition to walk-in coolers/freezers and scientific refrigeration systems, Island Temperature Controls is specially insured to work on marine refrigeration and air conditioning plants. Our experience includes work on small fishing boats, Canadian Coast Guard ships, and 300 foot private yachts.

Gas monitoring sensors are critical to maintaining the safety of underground parking spaces and sensitive environments. We are experts at installing and servicing indoor air quality sensors, with specialized training in the proper control and calibration of combustibles, asphyxiants, and environmentally-hazardous products.

All service and maintenance duties are tracked via our service co-ordinator, service technician and parts order desk which allows for cost effective and prompt solutions.

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to actively participate in dozens of energy management and optimization projects. Our experiences have not only helped save customers thousands of dollars on energy costs, but also provided us with incredible insight into efficient operating strategies.

Our systems engineering team can leverage Kaizen software from CopperTree Analytics software to extract detailed analysis of building performance, and use this information to provide a targeted approach to identifying and resolve equipment which may be performing poorly or wasting energy.

Our firm has experience installing EV chargers and can provide integration through our customized load sharing solution. This allows multiple chargers to share a circuit, and provides ability to manage charge time, monitor power consumption and restrict time of day use through a web dashboard.



With dozens of years in the industry, ITC has experience with an exhaustive list of mechanical equipment and manufacturers. Collectively, ITC technicians have specialized training or knowledge of nearly any mechanical system they might be faced with. We have developed close working relationships with local suppliers, and are able to leverage our experiences to deliver the best quality components.